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Three Tips for Having More Impact and Finding Out How You’re Doing

According to, there are three ways to find out if your work is changing lives:

1. Visualize and articulate the transformation you want your customers to go through. How will you meaningfully impact their lives with your coaching, courses, services, software, podcast, etc.? Care about their success more than you care about your own.

2. Measure things that tell you how much of a difference you’re making. Give up metrics like traffic, followers and social media shares, in favor of metrics that measure customer progress and satisfaction. Constantly ask yourself how things can be reengineered to deliver more value to your customers.

3. Ask your customers for feedback and take it to heart. Give people easy ways to share what they think. Tell them you’re listening and that you care.

“The greatest compliment we can hope for as entrepreneurs is to find out what we’ve built actually means something, that what we’re doing matters.”

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