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Michael Shaddox
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The name Seven Monks refers to a time hundreds of years ago, when Franciscan Monks, whose order was distinguished by absolute poverty and renunciation of worldly treasures, living in solitude, deep in the heart of the West Texas mountains, painstakingly, meticulously, hand-crafted, illuminated manuscripts known as a “Book of Hours”.

Originally for the wealthy, and also sometimes given as wedding gifts, money raised helped feed, clothe and educate the poor living on the Texas/Mexico border.

It’s rumored that hundreds of these “Book of Hours” still exist, hidden somewhere in the West Texas mountains protected by keepers at Santa Elena Artists Conservatory.

And although you won’t find the Franciscans illustrating much today, the commitment to Carefully Crafted, Quality Design™ lives on.




Winner: Best Small Web Design Company 2014
Nominated as Official State of Texas Artist 2015




What We Do

We specialize in Business Development/Re-Development & Information Design Strategies.



“Ode to the Book” by Pablo Neruda, Read by Tom O’Bedlam

Thanks to Maria Popova at Brainpickings

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