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Email Consumption Soars On Mobile

Email Consumption Soars On Mobile
by David Goetzl, Dec 7, 2012, 3:06 PM

There is ample research about emails increasingly being opened on mobile devices. That brings challenges for marketers in ensuring email optimization for the platform, but also opportunity with m-commerce and immediate product purchasing.

Some of the latest data holds that email consumption on mobile platforms soared in the heavy shopping period around Thanksgiving (Nov. 20-26). Email marketing company Knotice says its research found that 45% of emails sent by retailers were opened on mobile devices.

That was a 50% jump from the same period in 2011. Knotice, based on Akron, Ohio, analyzed about 2.8 million emails. It also found emails opened via tablets doubled compared to last year; the click-through rate was 10.08%. The report was cited by MediaPost’s Email Marketing Daily.

In addition to capitalizing on mobile, reducing “spam complaints” also remains a hot topic in email marketing. In a blog last week, Return Path executive Guy Hanson wrote: “Email marketers largely have themselves to blame for this state of affairs, by operating email programs where the unsubscribe link is either not visible, difficult to use, or simply not trusted.”

The executive at the email service provider wrote that subscribers have a “natural inclination … to take the route of least resistance. If it’s easier to complain than opt out, then that’s generally what they will do, and both deliverability and response suffer as a consequence.”

He went on to offer some suggestions: “make the unsubscribe link more visible”; make that process simple; and honor unsubscribe requests by removing people from a list right away.

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